Pemetic School Hosts Dedication Ceremony for Wind Turbine 

The Pemetic School in Southwest Harbor celebrated a milestone Saturday.Th school installed a wind turbine on its campus, and as Diana Bosch found out, it was made possible by the school’s students.For the past three years, students at the Pemetic School in Southwest Harbor have been working on bringing a wind turbine to their campus. On Saturday, that dream became a reality.”There’s such a celebration today of accomplishment for these kids, the wind turbine cost 20-thousand dollars so it’s quite an accomplishment,” said Mary McLaud.McLaud has been assisting the students in their fundraising efforts.Together they sold reusable shopping bags and pancake breakfasts, raising more than $4,000.Additional funds came from grants.McLaud says the money raised is being well spent.”It’s all about using clean energy and creating it but also for our school it’s going to save taxpayer dollars,” she said.The Pemetic School has been a pioneer in energy conservation for the area.Students have placed solar panels on the school’s roof and replaced many incandescent lights in the building with energy efficient LED lights.McLaud says the projects will save the school up to $4,000 in electricity costs per year.”Humans have started ruining it and deteriorating it and we need to take action and help bring it back to normal,” said student Catie Forthofer.Teacher Bonnie Burne is proud to teach her students lessons not only about the environment but about themselves.”They are so powerful and I just love to be able to work with them and show them that they can make a difference in their own town, community and the world,” she said.