Biggest Mover Competition 

Folks were breaking a sweat at the Bangor Y Saturday.It was the kick-off to their biggest mover competition, which is modeled after the popular television show the Biggest Loser.Participants work with a trainer two times a week for ten weeks and then on their own for two weeks.At the end, everyone comes back for their weigh in to determine who has lost the most weight.Organizers say this competition has the largest number of participants.They say it was the first time they had to turn folks away.Two of TV-5’s meteorologists are taking part. Todd Simcox and Chris Ewing will be battling it out to see who can lose the most weight.” Oh I think they’re going to do just fantastic. I think if they stay motivated and if they stay focused they could really, really do well.”TV-5 will be following both Todd and Chris on this journey.You’ll be able to keep track of their weekly progress too, every Friday in our 5 pm newscast.