Folks traveling along Main Street in Machias may have seen something unusual on side of the road. As Meghan Hayward tells us, they were getting some laughs, but also helping a good cause. ” Turkey, carrot, potato, pea.” All the food items for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. And all were on hand in Machias trying to persuade folks to donate turkeys. ” We decided we wanted to have a little fun with it. Give people another reason to donate to this.”Susan Farley of the Washington Hancock Community Agency says the need is huge. “It’s a serious thing that unfortunately too many people face everyday.” It’s the sixth year for the turkey-a-thon. The turkeys and donations will be divided among the 11 food pantries in Washington County. They say everyone has been generous. ” We’re getting a lot of people coming in, people that probably can’t even afford to do it themselves. They’re coming in and giving us a donation and even if they can’t afford to give a whole turkey they’re giving something.” This year’s turkey-a-thon didn’t come without some surprises. ” I had actually issued a challenge to the Washington County Sheriff’s employees. I told them if they came up with 10 turkeys before this started that I would wear the turkey outfit for two hours on Main Street. Here I am.”Everyone involved says it’s about giving back. And of course having some fun. ” Turkey walk.”