Early Voting Begins Monday for Bangor 

Bangor residents can cast their votes for November’s election beginning Monday.That’s when early voting starts.From Monday October 25th until Monday November 1st, residents can vote at the Bangor Civic Center from 8a.m. until 6p.m.. On Saturday, October 30th voting takes place from 8a.m. until noon.Bangor City Clerk, Patty Dubois says early voting allows folks to miss big crowds and possibly take more time to focus on the eight referrendum questions on Bangor’s ballot.”Those are all proposed amendments to the city charter. They’re quite lengthy and may take a little bit of time to decipher each question, so we’re encouraging voters to be able to take the time to be thoughtful about that process and maybe voting early might be a good option,” said Patty Dubois, City Clerk for Bangor.If you do wait until election day to vote, the city wants you to be aware that a concert is scheduled at the Civic Center that night and they are expecting a heavy amount of traffic between 6:30 and 7:30 that evening.