Breast Cancer Fundraiser 

Balloons, presents and birthday cake, that’s what most people think of when they hear the words “birthday party”. For one UMaine student, he’s made his birthday less about him, and more about finding a cure. Drew King is a mass communication major at the University of Maine. The way he sees it, he’s got a birthday every year, so why not spend it supporting a great cause? King tells us, “If you charge people to make a difference in the world and do something, it’s better to do it that way.”King is hosting a Live For a Cure birthday party and fundraiser for breast cancer at Curva Ultra Lounge in Orono. Fifty percent of the proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.King says, “It just feels so awesome. I know we are going to save a life. It’s sinking in that we’re going to save someone’s life. We may never meet that person, but they’re going to know that some small town in Maine gave their hearts out and everyone’s supportive. It just feels great.”With the help of friends and local sponsors, the event took off. Zach Poulin, King’s friend and collaborator of the event says, “The support was incredible to find among the local competitors in this area.”The event does require a dress code, all participants must wear pink. There are contests for the most creative way to wear pink, and if you buy a pink drink, you’ll get a breast cancer ribbon sticker. If you’re not wearing pink, there is an extra ten dollar charge. Folks at Curva Ultra Lounge expect to see the facility reach full capacity. That’s three hundred and ninety people, pretty in pink.The manager at Curva Ultra Lounge says they didn’t have to think about hosting the party. “It’s a huge event. You’ve got a bunch of young guys who want to do all the leg work. You have to give something to them to make sure they do get a good donation out of this.”There will be a slide show played throughout the night, with the names and pictures of loved ones who have been affected by breast cancer.King urges people to come out and live for the cure. “We’re excited,” says King, after weeks of planning. “We’re more than excited.”