Students in Guilford Receive Free Dictionaries 

They say knowledge is power.A group in Guilford is sharing that power by giving away free dictionaries.Diana Bosch has more.For the past seven years, Valley Grange has been sharing the gift of reading with students in Maine giving away free dictionaries.”The first time I did it I thought you know, they got Wii’s or whatever they’re called and cell phones and all this other stuff and this has got to be boring, but they just get so excited about it,” said Walter Boomsma, the program’s director at Valley Grange.Sixty third grade students at Piscataquis Community Elementary School in Guilford received the big, red books.It’s part of the “Words for Thirds” program, a nationwide effort to get students to become better writers and readers. “If they don’t know a word, they can open it up and look it up,” said third grade teacher Mark Arthers.But that’s not all, the pages of these books can help expand a child’s knowledge in other ways.”We can find out how many people there are in a state,” one third grader told us.Boomsma says third grade is a critical point in child development.He’s happy to give them a book that’s theirs, not just for this year, but their entire lives. “In the inside of the book it says in the label, this book and all the words in it belong to and they fill in their name and it’s so nice to see the kids realize that it’s a treasure,” he said.It’s a treasure, they appreciate.”I’d say it’s a really nice gift and we appreciate it.”