Rockland Football Getting Ready for Final Game 

Rockland High School will combine with Georges Valley next fall. Consolidation is a sign of the times. When it happens, tradition is lost. Rockland football, in the next few weeks, will end. Tim Throckmorton reports from Rockland.This will be the end of more than 100 years of Rockland football. Next year there will be games here again but the team will be called Oceanside… The Oceanside Mariners.The reception has been sad everybody wants to be positive but we’re gonna miss the Rockland Tigers.Doug Curtis was a major player in saving the football program in 1993. It had been cut from the budget. It will be here next year too though with blue and white uniforms..As long as I’ve bled orange and black at Skowhegan and at Rockland we’ll all be happy to embrace something new and bring along new players from Georges valley.Athletic director Jim Leonard is a Rockland alum and a little sad with the change too.But by the same token its an opportunity for a new beginning and a lot of people are excited to see where it goes.With the addition of Georges Valley kids will move up and play against class B or A teams.It’ll be the same school wise but not sports wise it’ll be tougher bigger schools.And after all these years of Rockland there is a possibility of a first… Rockland has never hosted a football playoff game.In Rockland Tim Throckmorton WABI TV 5 Sports.Rockland will host Old Town tomorrow night.