Labor Groups Group Together to Support Libby Mitchell 

Some labor groups grouped together Thursday in Brewer in a show of support for Libby Mitchell for Governor.The groups include the Firefighters Union, the United Steelworkers Association and the Eastern Maine Labor Council.They say they’re backing Mitchell because she has a proven record of protecting Maine’s workers.The groups then blasted candidates Paul Lepage and Eliot Cutler referring to Lepage’s approach to labor at Marden’s and accusing Cutler of shipping jobs to China.”What has really prompted us to call this press conference is what we’re seeing particularly from two of the gubernatorial candidates is frankly an attack on workers,” said Jack McKay with the Eastern Maine Labor Council.We spoke with both the lepage and cutler campaigns today to hear their side.Dan Demeritt with the Paul Lepage campaign says quote “Every job at Marden’s is an opportunity for a Maine family to work and if Lepage was not concerned about his employees they would be lining up at a soup kitchen.”A representative for Cutler says quote “Cutler has helped American and New England companies get into the China market, to open new products and create new markets.”