Young Girl from Liberty is Hailed a Hero 

A fire safety lesson paid off for an 8-year-old girl in Liberty and her mother. Kylie Johnson says she woke up to the sound of a fire alarm at their home early Monday morning. Kylie woke up her mother. Just a couple of weeks ago Kylie and her schoolmates at the Walker School in Liberty learned about fire safety from local firefighters. She says what she learned helped her get out safely.On Wednesday, Kylie received an award from the Liberty fire department for her actions. “I got to the ground and I crawled right to the door,” Kylie told TV5. Liberty’s fire chief Bill Gillespie presented a certificate of appreciation to the young student. “Kylie made it a very big point to tell me, “I remember what you told me to do. I remember you told me to get down on the floor and crawl because that was where the safest air was. I remember you telling me to get mom out and go to our meeting spot,” and that’s exactly what she did,” he says. Margaret Johnson is Kylie’s mom, she says, “I’m really proud of her, very thankful for her staying calm and having that interaction with the firefighters a couple weeks before.”Investigators from the fire marshal’s office say the fire was an accident that was sparked by an electrical problem.