UMaine Students Hunt for Jobs at Career Fair 

Dozens of University of Maine students got out of class today to prepare for their futures. The campus career center in Orono hosted a job fair for engineering students. Engineering senior Jennifer Skall admits she was a bit nervous when she first walked into this job fair. But within a few minutes that feeling faded. “T’ve sort of picked up on a roll as I’ve been going along. It’s really been educational for me getting an idea of the type of work I can do once I graduate. It’s been really helpful.”Skall was one of dozens of students who visited with some of the 60 potential employers – all hoping to make a match. “I think everyone in every major is a little nervous right now based on the economy. But I fell like the Umaine engineering department has prepared us very well and I’m pretty confident i can get a job that i’ll really love.”Career center director Patty Counihan is confident in these students, too. She says, “For the most part, they do get internships to get experience, even before they graduate. And they really have the skill sets employers need.”Even those with years to go before they graduate stopped by, which Counihan considers a good start. “They can make contact that can lead to summer jobs or internships and it gives them an idea of what they want to be aiming for. It can help them plan ahead for when they do graduate.”Counihan says this event is a warm up to a campus-wide career fair in January, targeted at all five colleges – and still squarely aimed at helping students get hired.