Postcard Arrives 64 Years Late 

A former student at the Farmington State Teacher’s College in Maine now has a postcard that was sent to her in the fall of 1946.The postcard, a thank you note, was sent to Ruth Webber at Purington Hall by “Gert and Charlie.” It was mailed from Winthrop.On Monday 83-year-old Ruth Webber McGary, received the card. She says she worked with the Charlie who sent the card, but doesn’t remember why it was sent. “Drive over some time. Sincerely, Charlie. Any candy bars up there?””So who’s Gert & Charlie?” “They were the ones who had the little swing band that I played in. And she played the piano, and he played the drums,” Said the card’s recipient, Ruth Webber McGary. “I played the slide trombone.”The postcard showed up recently in the mailroom at the University of Maine at Farmington. Mailroom employee Andrea Butterfield says the postcard was in mint condition and the ink wasn’t faded. The postcard still bore the 1 cent stamp from its initial posting.