Obama Administration Official Visits Maine to Discuss Healthcare Reform 

Some senior citizens in Orono had the chance to raise their concerns about healthcare reforms Wednesday.An Obama administration official visited the Dirigo Pines Retirement Community.Polls show seniors to be disproportionately against democrat’s health care plans.Deputy Assistant Secretary on Aging, Cindy Padilla says as a group, seniors vote faithfully and in large numbers and are usually pretty aware of how the government’s actions can affect them.” One of the most important things for us is to make sure that we get the right information out. We can talk about what the benefits are under the Affordable Care Act so that they know what to expect and if they have any specific questions we can direct them to more detailed answers that would really look directly at their own specific issues.”Padilla encourages seniors to take advantage of their area Agency on Aging or local senior center when it comes to concerns they have.