Maine Basketball Ready for Their Closeup at Media Day 

UMaine basketball teams assembled on campus today and met with reporters. It was a photo session as well as a time to be optimistic about the coming season.Cindy Blodgett – Maine Women’s Head Coach”Lets enjoy that we are chasing other teams. And get to the point where at some point in the near future they’re chasing us.”Tanna Ross – Maine Women’s Basketball”The team has great camroderie and they get along well. And we all know where we want to go and it’s a matter of how hard we want to work to get there.”Ted Woodward – Maine Men’s Head Coach”Every single team starts out the season with the same goal everyone wants to be at the end of the season where they can win their conference and we recognize that’s a goal that’s lofty and one that we have to work extremely hard for.”Troy Barnies – Maine Men’s Basketball”There’s a lot of high expectations from everyone around the new england area and the country on this team and being a senior there is a lot of high expectations from me.”