Machias Native Turns 100 Years Young 

”I’m from Machias, born 10-20-10,” says Irene Hibbs. That makes this her 100th birthday, but if you ask her, she’s got her mind on the future. “I think god put me on the earth for something and even right now, when I get over this flu, I think I’m going to do something. But don’t ask me what that something is,” she says.Hibbs has already accomplished a lot in her 100 years. She graduated from the University of Maine at Machias in 1932 and worked as a school teacher for 34 years. Hibbs’ travels have taken her all over the world, but there was always one place she called home.”Machias is home,” says good friend Susan Palmer. “She keeps in touch with all of her friends. There you can see today that they’ve turned out for her and really want to wish her well.”Hibbs was overjoyed at the turnout for her celebration. “Oh it’s joyous. It’s a joyous thing and I prayed I’d live to 100. I’m kind of positive when I do things.”It’s that positive attitude she credits for her longevity, as well as some good decision making along the way. “I used to smoke but I got over my stupidity,” she says.Among the birthday gifts she received. Flowers, cards, and of course, an apple for the teacher. But the gift that brought the biggest smile to her face? A group of friends announced they will donate a series of children’s books to the Porter Memorial Library in Machias in her name. Even after 100 years Hibbs’ friends say she has no plans to slow down. “I know she’s got the next 10 planned. I heard that today,” says Palmer.