Spending Revolt Coalition Makes a Stop in Bangor 

The Spending Revolt Coalition rolled into town today with a message – stop reckless government spending.The group partnered with the Maine Chapter of Americans for Prosperity for a town hall meeting at Paul Bunyan Park in Bangor.The Spending Revolt National bus tour has traveled to twenty five states in the country to educate voters about federal spending.Trevor Bragdon the Director of Americans for Prosperity says it’s important that voters are informed about this issue.”Right now the government spends 12,000 dollars each and every second and in the time it takes the average american to take a shower, those ten minutes the federal government spends 67 million dollars, we wanna highlight that and engage our citizens so that they know when they go to the polls this November that they need to vote for people who are gonna restrain government spending,” he said.The coalition says the national debt is over 13 trillion dollars.The bus also made stops in Augusta and Portland.