Portland Gubernatorial Debate 

A gubernatorial debate was held at the University of Southern Maine Monday night.The debate, sponsored by Portland television station WMTW, saw the five candidates answer questions and have a spirited back and forth about their differences of opinion.All of the candidates spoke about the issues that they believe are most important to the state — including jobs and the economy, welfare reform, the size and cost of state government, as well as health care and energy costs.The three Independents also tried to differentiate themselves from the Democrat and Republican front runners.Some of those in the crowd who were undecided voters said the opportunity to witness the debate first hand helped them make up their mind. “You get to see what they have to say on their feet and quick quick and I’m sure some of what they say is prepared, but ultimately it comes down to hearing what they have to say and the fact that they came to USM is really important,” said Ashley Williams-Phaneuf.Swaying those undecided voters is important. And according to at least one recent poll there are still quite a few people who have not made up their minds. In that poll the percentage of undecideds is in the double digits.