Pathways Project 

Folks had the chance to tour a green building construction training program at the United Technolgy Center in Bangor Tuesday.As Meghan Hayward tells us, the project will help put a lot of Mainers in new homes.The Pathways Project is a green construction skills training program involving many partners.Participants learn hands-on skills to build energy efficient homes.Beverly and Dana Sands will be the recipients of the first home.” We’re quite happy. Very happy.”The Sands should be in their new home by December. They say it will be a big improvement from their current one.”Quite a lot. We live in a mobile home that’s quite dilapidated, bad and in poor shape.”These new homes will help replace pre-1976 mobile homes.”1976 is when code came into place for mobile homes. Prior to that, there was no code so you have mini mobile homes that are out there without safe wiring or insulation. They’re fire hazards.”Project Manager, Kitty Barbee, says in Maine, there are about 10,000 of these homes.Besides providing folks with adequate housing, students at the United Technology Center in Bangor are learning new skills through the program.”I’ve been laid off quite a few times since I’ve got out of the Army and I kept going from job to job. This gives me the skills to get a career now instead of just finding another job.”Barbee says when a typical new home is built, there is 8,000 pounds of waste.”So we’re trying to reduce that amount of waste by utilizing every piece. Measure twice, cut once. We only have about 700 pounds of waste to this point. We’re doing things like how far you spread your studs on center that saves wood. We’re doing foam insulation.”Representative Mike Michaud took a tour of the house and says he’s impressed.”So it actually helps individuals get an energy efficient home and it will save them long-term as far as electric costs and fuel costs which I’m very pleased about. it’s just great all around.”