Finance is Fun 

Managing Kids and Their Financial ExpectationBy- Marion SyversenIt’s can be hard to say no to people you love. Especially when the things people want is affordable and you can easily buy it. So when you’re in the store and your baby asks for something and they are so cute and so sweet, it is easy to say, sure. But buying things all the time when kids ask will create serious problems for your kids. In real life they can’t have everything they see and want. You don’t want them to become so accustomed to wanting or needing things to the extent that they would forgo real relationships for one in which someone who will buy them stuff. And you want fulfillment in their lives to be more than things.Check yourself- Can you say no? If not, why not? Are you fulfilling needs from your emptiness or pain? This is a common reason why parents can’t or won’t say no. They don’t really need the item for which they may presently be begging. It may very well be in your heart.  Life has rules- Are you being mean when you tell your child that not to stand on a chair because they may fall? Is God being mean because there is gravity? Helping your child be a responsible, charitable adult who works hard and is kind to others that’s your job as a parent. Here are some rules: You can’t have everything you want. Work bring satisfaction and a paycheck. Think of others. Clean up after yourself. It’s not all about you.Find teaching tools- It’s hard for kids to hear you say you don’t have the money when you spend $100 on groceries. I know what it means when you say things about your money, but they only see and hear words that say the opposite of what you are doing.  Teaching budgeting, maybe you need to learn about budgeting, is a way to begin this process.  According to a Wall Street Journal article 24% of parents made back to school budgets WITH their kids which was many more than had done it a few years ago.It’s okay to learn these truths together. We are all on a journey in life and not as smart or as wise today as we will be, hopefully, next week or next year. But please recognize what motivates you and take control of yourself so you can be a better parent for your children.Citations: