Brewer Cheerleading Rallying to Raise Money 

High school sports are getting hit hard by budget cuts. At Brewer High, there’s a sport that manages to survive despite being cut out of the budget entirely.The Brewer cheerleading team has been one of the best around and the community has rallied to make sure it stays that way. Tim Throckmorton has the story.Brewer cheering has for years had very committed athletes. This year they not only had to work to remain competitive, they had to work to keep their team.They have formed their own fundraizing group and they are alive and well, at least for now. This Saturday, the team will be holding a dinner and auction in the cafeteria. Making ends meet has been a second goal of this team, and they’re holding their own.Catherine Nichols – Brewer Cheerleader”It was manageable, it was a bit of a struggle at first because we didn’t know what we wanted to do but a lot of the parents got together and the coaches and the cheerleaders that wanted to make it happen and we made it happen.”Courtney Arrico – Brewer Cheerleader”It hasn’t been a complete struggle in the beginning it was it was difficult but we’ve come up with a lot of fundraisers and a lot of people are trying to help so its been rewarding definitely yeah.”