Bangor Dentistry Donates Equipment to Local College Program 

A Bioscan Phase Contrast Microscope and a flat panel 19-inch monitor have been donated to the University of Maine Augusta’s Bangor-based dental health program.The diagnostic tools will help students get a closer look into patients’ mouths.”They’ll be able to use this for the rest of the time they’re in clinic to take samples of patients plaque and be able to look at it under the microscope and be able to detect evidence of disease before it actually starts,” said Joleen Lee, professor of dental hygiene.The office of Doctors Mark Eggleton and Rebekah Blanchette donated the more than $6,000 worth of equipment to the program.They’re one of the few dental offices using the technology.”The bacteria that causes disease tends to be more mobile and that’s where the microscope comes in handy,” said Dr. Mark Eggleton.The doctors showed students and faculty how to properly use the gear and those invovled say it’s a win-win situation for students and patients.”It’s something that the students will get experience with, with their patients and then patients will get the knowledge of what kind of bacteria and how much of a risk they are for periodontal disease,” said Lee.Talitha McMillan, a senior in the program agrees, “They can actually see the bugs, over 500 different species in their mouth on the live screen and know what steps they need to take to rid this.”The students will begin using the equipment immediately and Eggleton says it will have positive results. “You’ve got a motivated patient because they see what’s going on and you have a way of monitoring going forward in time to see whether what we do for them is being effective.”