Local Media Students Compete in National Car Sales Campaign 

A national car company is turning to some local college students to find creative new ways to sell cars.For students at the New England School of Communications in Bangor, that means a chance to put together their own ad campaign — coming to a social network near you.These students are competing in the Honda C-R-Z Media challenge.Public relations students Ally Booker, Beth Churchill and Kristen Sprague were chosen as one of the top ten finalists for the nationwide competition.Now they’ve been given a car, a camcorder and some cash, which they’ll use in the next six weeks as part of their campaign.They started by creating a spokesperson named C.R. Zazzy.”When I’m driving this – the ladies are looking. People are liking it. They’re seeing something new on the road they’ve never seen before. This is just such an amazing car all together.”Churchill says, “He’s crazy, slightly obsessed about the CR-Z, the new sports hybrid. And he’s really excited and wants to tell the world how awesome the car is.”Booker says, besides local appearances, C.R. Zazzy is also hitting social media outlets, like Facebook and Twitter.”Every business has a social media page, it seems like now. It’s really important because it seems like that’s where everybody is now.”The students hope their campaign will reach at least 7,000 people. When the project’s over, Honda officials will pick three teams to fly to California to present their findings and receive internships with the company next spring. But Sprague says it’s not all about winning. “The experience is really going to look great for us. It’s just really exciting to be involved in something this big. I think that this generation has a lot to offer. We’re going to bring something new to the table that I think is really unexpected and fresh.”To become a fan of the C.R. Zazzy campaign and find out more about it, log on to