Carmel Family Hoping for Hyperbaric Chamber 

We usually hear about hyperbaric oxygen chambers being used to cure the bends.But more parents are using it as a way to treat autism.A mother in carmel says she saw results quickly with her six-year old son.Joy Hollowell bring us their story.========Aaron Weeks sure enjoyed playing the part of a TV 5 news reporter, and his parents, Dorinda and Travis got a thrill watching him. Just two years ago, this talkative young man could barely make a sound.”He was diagnosed with autism at the age of four,” says Dorinda Weeks. “He had no personality, he would just sit and do nothing. And he had no eye contact before we started the path that we’re on.”That path included a change in Aaron’s diet as well as several treatments in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. “Kids with autism have a global inflammation of their brain,” says Dr. Harold Grams, Aaron’s doctor. “They have swelling. It’s sort of like when you have a sprained ankle. When you have swelling, you can’t get more oxygen and blood flow to that area.”A hyperbaric chamber uses pressure to help replace that lost oxygen. Health experts are divided on whether it’s a valid treatment for autism, but Dr. Grams says he’s seen positive results in a number of patients….including Aaron Weeks.”Within a two week difference of him talking in sentences,” says Dorinda Weeks.That’s why the Weeks now want to purchase a portable hyperbaric chamber to have at home.The cost isn’t cheap. Second hand chambers can run anywhere from $10 – 20,000dollars. Dorinda says somehow, she’ll come up with the money…because the results are priceless.”It’s amazing,” says Weeks. “Because to go from the point where their brain isn’t functioning well, to where they have a sense of humor and a personality. It is huge.”+++++On Saturday, November 6th, friends of the Weeks family are hosting a spaghetti and meat balls supper and silent auction.It’s taking place at the Levant Harvest Chapel on Union Street.The auction starts at 3p.m., dinner at 4p.m..Admission is by donation.