Elderly Woman Dies In Somerville Blaze 

A tragic story in Somerville as an elderly woman was killed Saturday night after her house caught fire.The call came in just before 8:00 p.m. A fast moving fire was ripping through a home on the Frye road along Long Pond in Somerville. Somerville Fire Chief Michael Dostie says a neighbor saw the flames and called the fire in. “And when we arrived on scene the first thing we noticed was the fire was already coming out of the eves of the house.”Dostie says the design of the house has a lot to do with how fast the fire spread. “Well it had a metal roof on it,” says Dostie, “and a metal roof is like an oven. Once the fire started inside it followed and got up in the attic. It went right across and lit the entire upstairs.”Dostie was one of the first to arrive. He lives just a few houses down from the home where 86-year-old Pauline Danley lived by herself. Dostie had just returned home when the call came in. “Well we attempted an entrance from the backside of the building,” says Dostie. “We’re very familiar with the lady and we knew she’d either be in the kitchen or in the living room and we got about halfway through the kitchen and it was just too hot to continue.” Firefighters had to wait for more help and equipment to arrive. In the short time it took the fire had quickly moved through the house. “By then the fire had spread to the back of the building so we were no longer to able to enter the building.”At that point Dostie and the other firefighters on the scene faced a difficult decision. “We have to make a call. It’s probably a fire chief’s worse call is to call of the search but we knew at that point we couldn’t risk other lives because there’s no way she could still be in there alive.” Early Sunday morning fire investigators found Danley’s body in the second floor bedroom. Dostie says this is the first fatality he’s had to deal with in his 10 years as fire chief in Somerville. What makes it worse is that he’s known the victim Pauline Danley just about his entire life. “Since I was 10-years-old. Very nice family. The entire family, they’ve always been supporters of the fire department and everything we do. We grew up with their children.”The Fire Marshall’s office says the fire started upstairs in the bedroom but they’re not sure of what caused the blaze.