Bangor Man Arrested, Car Backs into Police Cruiser 

A Bangor man was arrested this weekend after police say he ran from officers and his car backed in to a police cruiser.According to police, 28-year-old Jarod Brown, had his license revoked for being a habitual offender, making it a felony to drive a car.Officer Steve Pelletier spotted Brown driving Friday night and began to follow him. That’s when police say Brown began to flee down Essex, York and Oak Streets.Brown allegedly go out of his car and ran. Officers caught up with him and arrested him. According to Pelletier, when Brown got out of his car, it was in reverse, not park causing the car to slowly back into the cruiser, causing about $1,000 worth of damage.Brown is charged with eluding an officer, operating after revocation and refusing to submit to arrest.