Community Helps Fill the Bus! 

It’s homecoming weekend at the University of Maine and folks stopped by to help “Fill the Bus!”Several on-campus groups asked for healthy, nutritional and high-protein foods to be donated.A school bus was parked in front of Memorial Gymnasium on Friday and Saturday to collect the goods. Organizers say even though there was some rain, it didn’t put a big damper on the generosity of the community. “It’s been phenomenal. We’ve had people drop by with clothing, three bags of clothing and lots of food. I think the weather has kind of put a damper on our event this year a little bit but despite everything else we’ve had a really good turnout so we’re very thankful for that,” Ranee Dow, Black Bear Exchange Food Pantry. The Black Bear Exchange Food Pantry is open Wednesday’s from 7a.m. until noon and Thursday’s from noon until 5:30 in the evening.