MMA Railroad Awarded 10.5 Million Dollar Federal Grant 

The Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway is getting $10.5 million dollars that’s expected to save more than 17-hundred jobs.Last winter, that railroad announced it wanted to abandon more than 200 miles of track in northern Maine after piling up 13 million dollars in losses.Earlier this year Senator Susan Collins made a pitch for support for the rail line from the US Department of Transportation.Senator Collins along with Senator Olympia Snowe and Representative Mike Michaud worked closely on this delegation effort to continue the freight rail service.Friday morning, the Federal Government announced the $10.5 million dollar grant to repair the track.”It is absolutely essential to preserving jobs in these businesses but for the future it means that we have an economic development tool to attract more businesses in Northern Maine,” Senator Collins said.Senator Collins says the improvements will help the track operate more efficiently and will speed up travel time.