Heavy Rain Knocks Out Power Throughout Maine 

The wet and windy weather knocked out power to a lot of folks across the state.At one point, nearly 30-thousand outages were reported.Diana Bosch was in one of the hardest hit areas. She spoke with folks in newport affected by the storm.”I knew when they hollered and asked for help, they must’ve been slammed this morning.”When Christopher Richards arrived at the Valero store in Newport for another day at work, he expected to see his usual customers, but the crowd that flooded the store nearly doubled.”We usually have our regulars which is about 15, but this morning I bet we had 30 probably gathered here all at one point,” he said.Reports of power outages poured into the Central Maine Power Call Center. CMP says at one point, more than 20,000 customers were without service.Valero was one of the few places lucky enough to have power and that meant business.”There was people coming in and out, grabbing coffee, grabbing sandwiches, pizza. We had to make more breakfast this morning, it was nice,” said cashier Tina Jones.Strong winds and heavy rain also kept Bangor Hydro crews busy. “We’re seeing reports of limbs and wires on the ground, in some cases blocking roadways, blocking people’s driveways, homes, that kind of thing.”Company spokesperson Susan Faloon says reports of power outages topped 8,000 by early afternoon.Bangor Hydro anticipates power outages well into the evening and overnight.Officials are reminding Mainers to stay away from downed power lines.”It’s impossible to tell if those lines are energized so we certainly don’t want anyone near them or touching any of the trees because that could be very dangerous,” Faloon said.