Gubernatorial Forum at Husson University 

People filled the Gracie Theater at Husson University Thursday night to hear from the five candidates running for Governor.The Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce along with lawfirm Rudman and Winchell put on the gubernatorial debate.Candidates answered questions on Dirigo Health, the state’s forestry business, as well as whether or not they feel money should be spent on a new Bangor Auditorium.Shawn Moody, (I) Gubernatorial Candidate: “We’ve got to band together and look at what that capital investment is and really study and research and say is this something that’s going to benefit Maine.”Libby Mitchell, (D) Gubernatorial Candidate: “It does cost money and if there is a dividend paid back through tourism, we talked about that earlier, job growth, our building, then certainly it should be considered, but it should not be driven by the state level.”Paul LePage, (R) Gubernatorial Candidate: “I can’t envision participating in the next biennial budget and providing funds for a new arena in Bangor.”Eliot Cutler, (I) Gubernatorial Candidate: “We’re not going to be able to identify state money to the next biennial. There may be policy changes that we can make that will help the city and I would commit to trying to figure those out.”Kevin Scott, (I) Gubernatorial Candidate: “We’re talking about making investments in the communities that are going to grow and be vibrant and attract people. We need to invest in our state.”For more information on the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce, visit