Undefeated Lawrence Football Focused For Friday’s Faceoff with Undefeated Bangor 

The Lawrence football team is on a roll again. They have received excellent grades on every test so far. This weekend, they play Bangor and that will be their toughest test of the regular season. Tim Throckmorton with more.Lucas Quimby – Lawrence Captain”As a football team we attempt to improve each week. So we should be improving to play these opponents that come up even though they still are undefeated.”It is no surprise that Lawrence and Bangor are still perfect. It’s the 4th time in five years that the two teams have met each other with undefeated records.Mark Yandian – Lawrence Captain”So our expectation is to win every football game and that’s the standard we set for ourselves as the beginning of the season.”It’s the same old Lawrence. And it starts with stopping the opponent.”Lawrence usually has a strong defense and this year we’re going by tradition.”The Bulldogs have allowed only one rushing touchdown all season. The formula: Intensity, toughness, and great coaching. Derrick Giggey – Lawrence Captain”We really want to win games for them and for our fans and community we know that when we’re doing well the whole community is hyped up with us.”