Safety Day Aims To Keep Seniors Safe 

More than 150 seniors showed up at the Spectacular Event Center in Bangor for a seminar designed to help keep them safe in their homes.The event was free and seniors got some helpful tips on home fire safety, how to avoid falls in their home, as well as fraud prevention. Members of the law enforcement community were on-hand and say that many con artists are targeting seniors with their scams, especially internet scams. “Well in the beginning of my career we used to talk about double locking your door,” says Penobscot County Sheriff Glen Ross. “Today we don’t teach that so much because the things are coming in through the mail and through the computers. So knowledge is power and if people know how they’re going to be scammed they can prevent that from happening in the first place.”The event was sponsored by the Penobscot County Triad, a coalition of law enforcement and seniors working to keep seniors safe. Other sponsors include Bangor Savings Bank and Beal College. For more information on keeping seniors safe you can check out the Eastern Area Agency on Aging’s website: