Bangor Teacher honored As Best Gym Teacher In The State 

A Bangor elementary school teacher is being honored as the best gym teacher in the state.Jason Pangburn has been the physical education teacher at the Vine Street Elementary School in Bangor for the past 8 years. In May he found out he had been nominated for the Mayford Physical Education Teacher of the Year award.The school was notified last week that Pangburn had won the award but they kept the news a secret until a special assembly in the school gym Thursday morning.School officials told Pangburn Thursday’s assembly was to honor students with perfect attendance, but he quickly found out everyone had gathered to honor him. “Well Mr. McCluskey announced it and then the teachers started clapping and stood up and then the students did as well and then a warm chill kind of went up over my whole body and then after the initial shock wore off I looked around the corner and saw my wife was up there too,” Pangburn said.Pangburn says his wife’s father has been the inspiration for his teaching career. He wasn’t at the assembly due to an illness.