Sheriff Needs Help To Find The Home Of Gravestones Over 100 Years Old 

Penobscot County Sheriff Glen Ross is asking for your help to find the rightful homes of three gravestones that are more than a century old.Ross says the stones are from three different thefts. He’d like to see them returned to the graves of the people for whom then were made. The oldest stone is from 1850 and marked the grave of a 7-month-old baby girl, “Alzada A. the daughter of Issac and Mary Fifield.”The other stones have names on them and the families have been identified but Sheriff Ross says he has no idea what cemeteries they came from. “We’ve had the stones, some of them, for over 20 years. So without knowing where they go they just stay in our evidence room and if other people with proper backgrounds that can actually help our search the names and find the cemetary in which they came from,” he says.The name on one of the headstones is “Sarah E. wife of Russell Munson.” The other stone simply has the name “Dean” engraved on it. Anyone with information on any of the gravestones is asked to call Sheriff Ross at:947-4585