Police Officers Rescue Two Men From Burning Building in Bar Harbor 

The Fire Marshal is trying to figure out what caused a rooming house to catch fire in Bar Harbor Tuesday night.No one was hurt but the building was destroyed.Police officers were able to rescue two men before firefighters arrived.Richard Anderson woke up in the middle of the night to the sounds of his dogs barking. When he looked out his window, he couldn’t believe what he saw.”This whole side of the house was orange from the fire, it was pretty intense.” The call from 9 Roberts Square came in around 11:40 Tuesday evening. Bar Harbor police officer Eric Mclaughlin was among the first on scene.The second floor of the house was engulfed in flames with people panicking inside.”I heard the cries for help from the third floor apartment so my thought was I could see him from my flashlight,” he said.Police rescued a man on the second floor porch. Then mclaughlin spotted a man trapped on the third floor. He and three other officers acted quickly using a nearby resource.”My only thought was that we needed to get him out of there as soon as possible and luckily for us there was a ladder immediately available,” he said.Police extended the ladder to the third floor unit and were able to bring the man down. Anderson saw officers carry his neighbor who was covered in smoke…”He was really unable to walk, his hands were burned, he was pretty close to being asphyxiated,” Anderson said.Mclaughlin says he rarely participates in fire rescue but is more than happy to help, especially when there’s a happy ending.”It is a good feeling to know that we as a team of firefighters and law enforcement can walk away from a scene without any major injuriesAssistant Fire Chief Matt Bartlett says he’s proud of the team effort between the two departments. “We appreciate their help and assistance and helping, it was great to work together and have a great outcome,” Bartlett said.