Eastern Maine Community College Struts Their Stuff 

Folks from Eastern Maine Community College got the chance to show off a bit today at their annual fall open house. The doors opened at 9:00 a.m and prospective students from all over the state poured in to tour the facility.School officials expected around 400 students during the morning, but they were pleasantly surprised at the turnout. Brianna Waltman is in her second year at EMCC and serves as a student ambassador. “Well it’s 11:00 and I’m working on my 4th tour right now so I’m pretty sure I’ll get in another tour.”Students as young as freshman in high school, who are already thinking about their futures, showed up wondering what EMCC has to offer. Michael Canfield is a 9th grader at Medomak Valley High School in Waldoboro. He’s impressed by what he’s seen. “I think it’s pretty good,” he says. “To just give us a heads up on what we might want to do in the future like college and stuff.”Officials at EMCC say enrollment is up at community colleges all across the state. Stacy Green, Associate Director of Admissions at EMCC, says students are using these colleges as an inexpensive way to fulfill their general education requirements. “It’s one of the best kept secrets in Maine. $84 a credit hour. You can’t really beat that. You can take a couple classes for around 6 or $700 and kind of pick away from there,” she says.Zachary Parker, a senior ay Searsport High School, is less than a year away from graduation. He’s not sure if EMCC is the right fit for him but he says he found the EMT program intriguing. “Well EMCC is a great campus,” he says. “It’s small it’s a great campus to learn about technology and some of the other stuff like EMS and fire science, they have great programs here so I’d recommend it to anybody.”The turnout at this open house suggests that the word is out on on Maine’s community colleges. “It’s probably no longer a secret that’s one of our goals to kind of step out of our technical and move toward the community college and certainly we embrace both aspects of the institution,” says Green.