Paws on Parade Raises $40,000 for the Humane Society 

Hundreds of folks and their furry friends walked throughout downtown bangor for the humane society’s paws on parade fundraiser.”I think we should help them because they can’t speak for themselves and most of them have been abused,” said Kathy Gearhart.Gearhart traveled from Hancock County to Bangor to help the Humane Society raise money at its 17th Annual Paws on Parade.Gearhart volunteered with the organization and adopted a puppy that had been abused.”She really changed when we got her, she had a good home,” she said.Hundreds of people walked the streets of downtown Bangor with their furry friends hoping to raise awareness for the Humane Society while making new ones.”This is an opportunity for pet owners to meet each other and make new friends with people who have a common like or passion which is their pet or supporting a local charity,” said Suzan Bell, the Executive Director of the Humane Society.Bell says the economy has had a big impact on pet owners. The Humane Society has seen an increase in stray dogs.”We took in alone at the Humane Society 7 stray dogs without collars, tags, that are now at the Humane Society waiting for their owners,” she said.This year’s Paws on Parade raised $40,000 for the organization. Bell hopes the Bangor community will continue to support the animals.”We raised 8,000 more dollars than last year and we’re hoping that number grows every year because the pets at the Bangor Humane Society desperately need the support of the community,” she said.