Couple Gets Married Redneck Style 

Melissa Emery arrived at her wedding in style, just like any redneck woman would, in the back seat of a pick up. “There was a down home redneck wedding,” said Bonnie Campbell, the mother of the bride.It all started out with just a camo theme, but it quickly turned into a good old redneck hitchin’. ” We have a toilet for a punch bowl, we put plungers on the tables with toilet paper and paper towels,” described Melissa Emery.There was an outhouse as their honeymood shack, and the cake, well, that was redneck too. “We threw in some twinkies, some ring dings, and just had a lot of fun with it,” said Michael Emery, the groom. Melissa and Robbie said their vows and exchanged rings, just like other couples… Well, sort of. “Now I’m making a pretty big assumption here that someone brought rings and didn’t send them into Cash 4 Gold before the ceremony — do we have rings,” said Stu Marckoon, the wedding officiant.Robbie pulled out a Ring Pop, but don’t worry, he had a real ring too. The guests knew about the camo theme, but had no idea what really was in store. ” We did put at the bottom, please come dressed in camo or best redneck outfit, so that was their only hint that it was going to be as wild as it was,” said Robbie. And even though the wedding was a bit unconventional, Mr. and Mrs. Emery say they wouldn’t have had it any other way. “She’s wonderful, so we’ve had a lot of fun, ” said Robbie.Melissa agrees, “He’s not too shabby himself.”