Baldacci Addresses Bridge Repair Challenges 

(AP) – Maine Gov. John Baldacci says thedeteriorating condition of two bridges linking Kittery andPortsmouth, N.H., are emblematic of the bigger issue of how statesare grappling with the growing problem of aging bridges. In his weekly radio address Saturday, Baldacci said he and NewHampshire Gov. John Lynch met this week to discuss the future ofthe Memorial and Sarah Mildred Long bridges, and the Interstate 95bridge linking the states. The governors are creating a Bi-State Funding Task Force tofigure out how best to fund maintenance, repair and replacementcosts on those bridges. Baldacci said of Maine’s 2,700 bridges, more than 200 of themare 80 years or older. He said it’s estimated Maine will need $1.6 billion to $1.8billion in bridge funding over the coming decade.