Bradley Lemay Indicted on Tampering with Victim Charge 

A convicted sex offender accused of raping a woman in Camden is now also charged with tampering with a victim.Police say in August Bradley Lemay sent a letter from jail to his brother, asking if he would contact a woman and convince her to either give false information or to not testify against him.Authorities say he asked his brother to either pay off the woman or threaten her.But his brother took the letter to police, according to police.Lemay was released from prison in February after serving 21 years for kidnapping and rape.Shortly after his release, he was arrested and accused of raping a woman in Camden.He was arrested after a high-speed chase and jailed on a half-million dollars bail.But then, authorities say, he tried to escape.His bail was revoked and he was sent to the Maine State Prison.He’s due in court next month.