Acadia National Park Opens Fire Tower This Saturday 

On Saturday, visitors to Bar Harbor will get a rare glimpse of the beautiful fall colors.The fire tower atop Beech Mountain will be open to the public.Which couldn’t come at a better time – especially since a national travel website has put Bar Harbor on its top ten list of fall foliage sites. Diana Bosch has more.”It’s beautiful, the contrast of the fall foliage and the evergreens, it’s just beautiful,” said Mary Abrams.She and her husband, Gary, are visiting Maine from Connecticut. Like many out of towners, the couple came to see the hues of fall.It was no surprise to them that travel website, Trip Advisor put Bar Harbor on its list of top ten foliage spots in America.”They’ve said throughout time where can you find the ocean then tall pine meeting in the shore, it’s kind of unusual really,” Gary said.The couple also got an unusual experience on their trip.After hiking up to Beech Mountain, they got the chance to view the mountain from its fire tower.”We came up here last year but we weren’t able to come up this far and talk to the park rangers so it’s a privilege,” Mary said.The tower was used in the ’60’s to spot wildfires but has since been closed to the public.Park Ranger Dusty Warner says it now opens on rare ocassions when the weather is at its most beautiful.”We usually only see two weekends a year when the color is really good here and next weekend might be colorful too,” he said.The natural colors that keep visitors coming back. Chris Fogg with the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce says more than two and a half million people visit the area each year.He believes the national attention Bar Harbor will receive from Trip Advisor’s list will only bring in more visitors.”That sort of recognition can be very impactful, they have 40 million users so Bar Harbor gets exposure to all those folks who may or may not be considering a vacation to Bar Harbor so we’re pretty excited about it,” Fogg said.