USDA Meets With Eastern Maine Medical Center 

Eastern Maine Medical Center serves the Bangor community, but did you know it also helps patients in five hospitals throughout Maine without the patients ever stepping foot in their doors?Diana Bosch explains.”Patients get better faster if they’ve got the support of their family,” said Msry McCarthy.McCarthy is the head nurse of Critical Care Connection, a part of Eastern Maine Medical center that offers services to rural patients and providers.but unlike most services, Critical Care uses state of the art technology to serve patients virtually, so they can stay close to home without having to travel to regional hospitals.”We envision ourselves as a 34 thousand square mile intensive care unit having consistent care across our region and standard care across our region,” she said.Telemedicine serves patients in five hospitals throughout rural Maine.EMMC received 3 million dollars in grant money for the equipment. “The resolution on the camera is so strong, we can read an IV bag. It’s about an 8 point font and we’re reading that about 15 feet away,” she said.Jessica Zufolo with the USDA got a first hand look at the life saving equipment. The Rural Development Deputy Administrator believes what EMMC is doing serves as a model for the nation.”This is really a fantastic model for what we need to do more throughout rural communities so patients and doctors and nurses who live in rural areas can stay there.”