Third Annual Cancer Walk 

Two generations came together Thursday in Dexter to raise awareness about cancer.Local third graders took part in a walk with residents from Dexter Healthcare. Meghan Hayward tagged along.Third graders at Ridge View Community School in Dexter teamed up with residents at Dexter Healthcare.Coming together for a common cause.” We had a Cancer Walk and we’ve been raising money for cancer awareness.”It’s the third year both young and old have taken part in the walk.” We’ve had family members that have passed due to cancer and this is just our way of paying back.”Organizers say the event always brings smiles to the residents’ faces.” Having the little children with them and knowing they can contribute to the cause.”The kids enjoy taking part too.” It was fun. I got to push people around.”” Well I like that we got that delicious food.”Last year they were able to raise 3-hundred dollars. they’re hoping for even more this year.” It will go to different parts of the cancer awareness program and will be donated as a whole to them.”