“Leatherface” Talks about Texas Chainsaw Massacre 

”Did your family look at you differently after you played this character?””Did you have any idea this film would change horror movies forever?”Those were just some of the questions folks asked Gunnar Hansen in Ellsworth Thursday night.Hansen portrayed Leatherface, the masked killer, in the 1974 film, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”.As a child, Hansen grew up in Maine, his family then moved to Texas but Hansen returned home to Maine later in his life.Hansen held a question and answer session at the Grand Theater in Ellsworth Thursday night.The theater was packed with horror-film enthusiasts, and Hansen had a great time discussing the movie. “From the moment the movie starts until it’s over you’re at the edge of your seat. You’re really beyond hooked and I think that was one of the things that it forced on the horror business.. It also made it clear you don’t have to be gory to be frightening,” said Gunnar Hansen.When asked what he thought of the re-make of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, Hansen said, he didn’t like it because he felt it missed the point of the original film. For more information on the Grand visit