Controversial Campaign Ad 

With election day less than a month away, you’re likely to see more candidates pointing fingers at each other. There’s no shortage of ads hitting the airwaves and there’s plenty of accusations in them. However, there’s one advertisement republicans are saying has gone too far. Supporters of GOP candidate for Governor, Paul LePage, met in Augusta to dispute Democrat Libby Mitchell’s paid advertisement highlighting education. The ad says LePage will reject 180-million in federal funding to Maine schools. Maine Web News is cited as the source of that information. Web News has interviewed LePage, but the site’s publisher says the ads allegation that LePage would reject any money is a lie. “Unequivically, Paul LePage never said that he’d cut even a single penny from students in schools. Never said it,” says publisher Jarrod Le Blanc. About fifty LePage supporters were at the state house, including education committee member and republican Sen. Carol Weston. “Paul LePage has done nothing about cutting and slashing or discouraging education,” Weston says. She also notes that the advertisements are paid for by the candidates or their supporters. “They don’t have to be straight with you. We’re here to set the record straight” says Weston.A spokesman from Mitchell’s side sent this comment to TV5 News, “Paul LePage’s poll numbers are dropping like a rock. This is an attempt by his campaign to flip flop on an issue that is hurting him with voters. He has said that education should be done by the state, that when it comes to education, the federal government should take a hike and that the Department of Education should be shutdown. Rejecting federal funding would mean $180 million in cuts to Maine schools: there is no way around it. If LePage now wants to take federal money instead of telling them to take a hike, he needs to explain to voters why he has changed his mind.”The ad has been taken off the air by the Mitchell Campaign.