Students Praise White House Decision on Solar Panels 

The roof of the White House is getting a makeover next spring with the installation of solar panels.Many environmentalists are celebrating the announcement, including students at Unity College who recently met with officials about that issue.”I was sitting in my room and my roommates were asleep and I was screaming,” Nelson said.Amanda Nelson couldn’t believe it when she heard the White House’s recent decision to install solar panels.Last month, she and two other students presented White House officials in DC with a solar panel that sat on the roof of 1,600 Pennsylvania Avenue during the Carter administration.The group urged them to put the solar panel back on the roof, but they declined.”I won’t lie when I came out, I was pretty disappointed in our government and I’m pretty sure of the three solar road trippers I wasn’t the only one,” she said.But that all changed on Tuesday when she received an email from a White House official telling her they will add solar panels next year. “It was extremely moving for myself because I was a part of it but even for my friends who weren’t there felt a part of it, Unity College is a part of it,” she said.Unity Vice President of College Advancement Rob Constantine says he is proud of the students who played a crucial role in the decision.”They really affected change that is beyond comprehension that I think of most college aged students these days,” he said.Jean Altomore another student who was on the trip, believes the decision is a step in the right direction, but hopes the Obama administration will do more.It was a great highly emotional moment, but when I was walking down to class I realized that’s great they’re putting up solar panels but the fight is far from over.