Army Training 

Two federal agencies came together in Rockland Wednesday for training, preparing for a potential disaster off the Maine coast. As Meghan Hayward tells us, both parties see the collaboration as a benefit.Practicing potential real-life scenarios. That’s what the Army’s 11th Civil Support Team is doing in Rockland.They teamed up with the Coast Guard for their annual field exercise training. This one involved a possible contaminated vessel. ” Basically, a commercial fishing vessel pulled a net in and found pieces of artillery rounds. Several hours later they experienced some signs and symptoms that led them to having to be evacuated.”In this exercise, the Coast Guard called in members of the Civil Support Team to assist. ” Years ago, we wouldn’t have gotten together and trained with other agencies like this, but in the post 9-11 world it’s more common now.” Evaluators were brought in too. ” They’re mostly here to run the exercise. Often times we end up running our own exercises so we kind of know the answer already. So in this case we didn’t.” They say being able to team up will benefit them in the long run. ” If an event were ever to take place, anything similar to this exercise at all, we would already have that relationship in place with the Coast Guard and we would be able to pick up the phone and not be talking with a stranger on the other end.” Everyone taking part in the exercise was pleased with how it turned out. ” Today went really well. It provided a unique opportunity to gather, learn each other’s capabilities and learn how we would work together in the field as a team that would affect the best possible response.”