Take Back the Night Rally 

Students at the University of Maine took back the night.The students came together this evening to stand up against sexual violence.It was the 26th annual Take Back the Night Rally.The UMaine Student Women’s Association and Students for a Safe Campus host the event.Survivors spoke out about their experiences and a candle light vigil was held.Representatives from Rape Response Services, Spruce Run and the Mabel Wadsworth Women’s Health Center were also on hand.Organizers say that when folks hear about sexual violence they often attribute it to females but they say that isn’t always the case.”Although cases where the survivor is a woman are more often reported it does affect men as well. That’s something we also want to make very noticeable here and it’s great we have a really supportive community of men who come stand with us and march with us and we really accept them here too.”The event ended with community members, faculty and students marching throughout the campus in their fight against sexual violence.