LePage Tours Bangor, Talks Support for Small Businesses, Job Growth 

Republican candidate for governor, Paul LePage spent the day in Bangor, talking about support for small businesses and how to grow more jobs and the concerns about two Maines.LePage took a small business street tour this morning, then spoke to the to the Bangor Rotary Club at noon. While he says he doesn’t necessarily believe Maine is broken up into two states, he say two counties in Southern Maine are much more prosperous than the other 14. LePage says part of the problem is the state has been too adversarial to small businesses owners, with lots of regulations that have limited job growth. He says Maine should be a partner with the business industry and not an opponent.”We’ve lost our number 1 tier paper companies, we’ve lost much of our agriculture industry, our fisheries – we’re parking our boats. This is not the right way. You cannot regulate your way to prosperity.”LePage says he’d like to bring back more jobs to forestry, fishing and farming in Maine.Other topics he touched on – consolidating more government services at the county level to save money. And cutting back on administrative costs in education to put more money in the classroom.