Organ at the St. John Church In Bangor Turning 150 

The St. John Catholic Church in Bangor is having a birthday celebration this week. The organ in the church is turning 150-years-old. It was made back in 1860 specifically for the St. John church. Kevin Birch, the music director at the church, and he says the organ is in pristine condition and sounds as good today as it did 150-years-ago. “It’s a beautiful instrument, it’s responsive to the touch,” says Birch. “It’s beautiful on the ears. It’s beautiful on the eyes. It’s in a great acoustical environment. It’s everything an organist hopes for when they’re playing an instrument.”Free concerts are planned for Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings beginning at 8:00 o’clock at the st john church on York street in Bangor. Everyone is invited to come and enjoy the sounds of this classic instrument.