New Chief of Police at UMaine 

The University of Maine has a New Police Chief.Monday was Roland LaCroix’s first official day on the job in that capacity.He’s worked in law enforcement for more than 30 years. LaCroix moved to Maine in 2008 to take a Police Captain’s job at UMaine.He became Interim Chief in April, when Noel March became a U.S. Marshal.Chief Roland LaCroix: “It’s a team effort here at the university which is real nice. And it’s nice to be in an environment that, for a police officer at least, has some positive characteristics too, versus in a lot of larger municipalities there’s pretty much all negative. But here at the university there’s a lot of good positive things that are happening, and that’s nice to be around.”LaCroix lived in Florida before Maine, serving in Florida’s Orange County Sheriff’s Office for 26 years. He rose to the rank of Commander there.