Demolition of Former Patten General Store 

The former Patten General Store is being demolished to allow for the removal of contaminated soil.As Meghan Hayward tells us, the four day project is being done using federal stimulus money.The town of Patten took ownership of the former Patten General Store and gas station due to unpaid taxes.Around 1,300 tons of contaminated soil has already been removed. Now, they’re removing three more underground storage tanks, which involves the demolition of the building.The goal is to make the property viable for redevelopment.”Just hope they can put something back there that benefits the whole town.”Senior Environmental Engineer, David McCaskill, says this is a preventive project and even though the town well is about 600 feet from the site, the water is not contaminated.”Anytime you can get rid of a threat. The good thing about this town is it has a public water supply, the best thing is it’s in town so there’s threats around it.”The Department of Environmental Protection is also using state funding to replace substandard above ground home heating oil tanks at homes within the well-head protection zone.Patten residents see this project as a positive thing for the town, but are still sad to see the building go.”It’s going to leave an awfully empty spot here in town.””It’s sad. There’s so many of them that’s been torn down. One right here, one across the road. All these old, big buildings are gone.”McCaskill says even though they use advanced technology, they can never know for sure if they will find more contaminated soil until they dig.”The soil from the first project and the soil from here is going to go to Juniper Ridge Landfill in Old Town, as will the construction debris from the building.”